People, community, health and wellbeing matter to me.

Homeopathy offers a holistic way for our health and wellbeing to be supported throughout our lives. It is a unique approach that looks at our body, emotions and mental health together.

I qualified as a homeopath as it made sense to me with my background in science and engineering to view ourselves as a system. Supporting our living system with homeopathy works. Millions of people all over the world use homeopathy as part of their health and wellbeing strategy for this very reason.

I am a professional member of the Australian Homœopathic Association and registered with the Australian Register of Homœopaths. My qualifications include graduating with an Advanced Practitioner Diploma from the School of Homeopathy. I am a member of and also the current Research Coordinator for The Aurum Project – an Australian charity conducting research into childrens health with natural medicine and homeopathy.

Contact me on 04355 69693 or email to discuss how I can support your health and wellbeing.

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