Use remedies at home with confidence

Gain confidence in using homeopathic remedies at home with your family for the acute conditions your family experiences. A remedy becomes homeopathic when it is chosen for the whole person, rather than one symptom.

These short seminars will help you understand

a) how to choose the right remedy for the person

b) when to act and

c) when to seek further help

Having confidence to know what to do when you are in a situation can mean you make better choices in supporting your family.

Next topics

All about Fever 15th August

Itches and rashes 12th September

Broken bones and bruises 17th October

They are interactive sessions, with loads of opportunities for you to enhance your understanding of the homeopathic approach and make a good selection of a remedy for your child or family member in these situations.

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Sessions are prebooked, paid in full in advance to secure your place.

Cost $30 per session

A recommended homeopathic self care text is available on the day for $35.

Bring your Homeopathic First Aid with you , or enquire about kits on the day.

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